Photo by Uhum, courtesy of Stock Xchg.

Fiction by Jim Aikin

In a story, we can go to places we've never been and may never go. We can meet people who are perhaps a lot like us, or perhaps not so much. After we've read a good story, our view of the world may shift just a tiny bit.

I love short stories. I've written a few (though whether they're good is not for me to say). Some of my stories have been published in magazines like Fantasy & Science Fiction and Asimov's Science Fiction. A few have been reprinted in anthologies. Others, though I'm pretty sure they're just as good, have never been published. Such is life: Editors are inundated with submissions.

It's a tough market on the back end, too. Asimov's bought "Leaving the Station" in July 2008. It was finally published in their Dec. 2009 issue. And once that issue is off the newsstands, the story is gone forever, so the lasting value of its having been published is rather open to debate.

The story menu is down there on the left. As time goes on, I'll be making my stories (both the previously published ones and the others) available on MusicWords. If you don't enjoy reading on-screen, please feel free to copy the text and print it out for personal use. Eventually I may offer a print anthology for sale -- but that wouldn't include the beautiful color photos, which I downloaded from a wonderful free photo site called Stock Xchg.

And if you like these stories, I hope you'll email me and tell me so. If I hear from a few people, I may be moved to write more stories.